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Why Sea Ray?

At Sea Ray, we believe that richer moments on the water lead to a richer life. That's why everything we do is designed to make each moment exceptional.

High River Autoplex & RV is thrilled to offer Sea Ray boats to our customers.

Sea Ray boats are known for their quality and craftsmanship, and we are excited to provide our customers with the opportunity to experience the joy of owning one to make the most adventurous memories of the summer season! We believe our customers will appreciate Sea Ray's luxurious features and exceptional performance.

The High River Autoplex & RV is a premier dealership, providing southern Alberta with high-end RVS, boats, quality RV services, and marine services, for 25 years! And now we are offering a wide selection of Sea Ray boats. In addition to our impressive inventory, we provide top-notch customer service and knowledgeable sales staff to help you find the perfect Sea Ray boat for your needs. Whether you are a seasoned boater or just getting started, the High River Autoplex & RV is the perfect place to find your dream Sea Ray boat to get the summer party started! 

This is why Sea Ray should be your next boat!

Sea Ray is popular for their Cruisers, Bowrider, Express Cruiser, and Motor Yachts among other classes and models. These boats have a medium-depth draft and generally wider beam, which make them well-suited for day cruising, watersports, freshwater fishing and overnight cruising.


At Sea Ray, we obsess over the details to ensure our owners don’t have to. Sea Ray standards mandate high-quality materials, strict testing protocols and obsessive attention to fit and finish, guaranteeing the best possible craftsmanship.


When you see a Sea Ray®, you know it. And it's love at first sight. That's because every Sea Ray is designed with classic, yet current, Sea Ray styling. But a Sea Ray is more than just style. It's also designed with a deep understanding of consumer needs and anticipating their desires. Our staff of naval architects, engineers and designers strive to make every interaction on a Sea Ray feel natural and seamless. And we continue to set new industry benchmarks for thoughtful and modern design. It's all in the pursuit of
creating an experience distinctively Sea Ray.



A Sea Ray® always performs with grace. Every ride is engineered to be agile, responsive, intuitive and as powerful as you want it to be. You won't sacrifice experience for maximum horsepower. On a Sea Ray, your ride is smooth and quiet, with everything controlled but the adrenaline rush. It's built to handle with confidence, whether you're towing a wakeboarder or effortlessly maneuvering up to the dock. Escape and adventure. Both are seamlessly delivered.


No one else in the industry is as committed to keeping you out on the water, living in the moment. That's why you'll find a level of support and commitment to customer satisfaction that's unmatched by any other marine manufacturer. We earn more awards for dealer performance, quality and customer satisfaction than any other marine brand. With dealers in more than 80 countries, an industry-leading warranty and 24/7 call support, you can be confident that Sea Ray® stands beside you.



Buying a Sea Ray® is more than buying a boat; it's embracing a lifestyle. From the first moment you become part of the Sea Ray Owners Club, you'll experience everything life on the water should be. You'll get access to exclusive events in fantastic settings worldwide, where you'll socialize with fellow enthusiasts. You'll be granted premium benefits and incentives. And you'll be part of a passionate online and onboard community that's all about celebrating life on the water.